List Of Unknown Email Service Providers

Hi friends,Do you know that 99% people always keep using only yahoomail,gmail,hotmail and others.There are very less people who knows that there is another big list of mail service providers which have an awesome list of features than these.Offcourse these mails have their own advantages apart from others.Let us have a look at some of mail services in the other big list of services


The main concept behind this mail provider is simple

" No more Sender Regret"

To understand one concept of it,let us take an example and understand it
Ex: Suppose ur applying to a top university and you have sent your SOP to them and you didnt get any reply from them and then ur in an dilemma that whether the concern person has read ur mail or not??If you have sent the mail through yahoomail or gmail,there is no option to know such things unless untill you use some third party services.But these mail services provides you services informing you how many times your mail has been read,from which IP address it has been read,at what time it has been read and many others.

You can read the features for this mail service here some of them are self destructing mail,non-forwardable mail,mail destruct after certain reads........

                                                             BIG STRING SITE


Another mail like bigstring with its own features like PGP encryption and many others.
                                                                     HUSH MAIL SITE

These mails provide "Password protected e-mail" which pays very much when ur account is compromised through some hacking techniques.Even hacker got into your account through some hacking technique,he cant read any of your private mails which has confidential information because they are password protected.

Uses of these mails are many,only some of them are mentioned above.Explore and start using the sites to know about them.

I have listed only features of two mails in a big list,So please come out in the feeling that yahoomail and gmail are only leaders in  mail service providers ocean and start exploring all other mails

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