How to Login to Google in Public Place without writing Password

Hi friends,If you are the owner of any smartphone,than this trick is made for you only.It always happens with us,when we do not want to Login into our Google Account in Public Places like in Cyber Cafe,friends home or anywhere.Because we fear that if our account Password will be seen by anyone,than he can misuse it.Seeing that we thought to share an awesome trick by which you will be able to Sign into yourGoogle account,without even writing your Password.Yes! I am not joking Guys! there is nothing impossible in the world of tweaks.Go ahead and know how you can Sign into your account without even writing your Password in very secure environment.

How to Login to Google account on Any Public Place without writing Password
  • First go and visit on the Web Browser of that computer to which you are going to Log in.
  • Then there you will see QR Code (Quick Response Code) will be generated.
  • Now take your phone and scan that code.You can use any phone to scan the QR Code.Just it should e able to decode the code.

how to sign into google without password
  • You will find that this QR Code will get decoded into some URL.
  • Just type that URL into your mobile phone and Login  with your Username and Password.
  • Now Click on the Start with Gmail or iGoogle (anything) and You will see that your Computer Browser will automatically make you Login to your Google Account,without asking for your Password.
Hope you will like this awesome Google innovation.If you have any doubt than make it clear by just taking your few minutes to comment below.

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