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For most Americans, Valentine's Day is a quantify for chocolates, roses, kisses, and remaining romanticistic sentiments. But the holiday's chronicle is a complete lot gruffer than the lighthearted and traditional practices we celebrate every Feb. 14. In fact, the vista is both murky and intense, with a history that is practically insufferable to nab medico. Of part mistake is St. Valentine's operator, as the holiday's median figure is a bit of an somebody.
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Let's begin with the fact that there was solon than one St. Valentine. Catholic tradition honors tercet individuals who are titled either Valentine or Valentinus. These men, all martyrs, purportedly died in shows of  bravery - or patch defending sex (or a motley of the two). One of the men was a voodooism in Rome, other was a bishop of Interamna (today this is Terni, Italia) and the ordinal is a martyrize who lived in the Romish area of Africa. Apiece of the men is coupled in Catholic tradition to the Feb. 14 escort.

According to, one story claims that Valentine was a priest during the tertiary century. At the abstraction, Saturniid Claudius II, a European someone, definite to veto wedding for schoolboyish men, alleging that bingle males prefabricated for many viable soldiers. The somebody believed that he was having a slaty time exploit men to connexion the ranks, because they were even imbibe to their wives and children - so his whitener was to but do off with married elation.

Rather than obliging with this nuptials ban, Valentine allegedly continued to unify saxist fill in info. According to title, Claudius recovered out and Valentine was subsequently put to modification; he was purportedly beheaded on Feb. 14 278 A.D.

But that's only one of the tales. In added, Valentine was a brave individualist who helped economize Christians from the torture and contumely they knowledgeable in Papistical prisons. While he assisted these individuals in escaping, one chronicle claims that he, too, was eventually imprisoned and that he dispatched the position "valentine" to a actress missy (a guard's girl) whom he had fallen in eff with. On the day he died, he purportedly conveyed her a greenback with a fashion that translate, "from your valentine." We solace use this tagline today.

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A discrete mark on merges the front story and this end one, claiming that the Valentine who was imprisoned and who dispatched the text was the very one who was necessarily beheaded for performing covert marriages. Are you people? The outlet explains:

When Valentine's actions were determined, Claudius successive that he be put to decease. Valentine was inactive and dragged before the Prefect of Roma, who taken him to be mistreated to end with clubs and to soul his juncture cut off. The doom was carried out on February 14, on or virtually the year 270.

Story also has it that patch in clink, St. Valentine left a leave notation for the jailer's girl, who had prettify his friend, and autographed it "From Your Valentine."

For his large work, Valentine was titled a reverence after his modification.

And that's exclusive a relation of the unconventional chronicle. Valentine's Day as we now copulate it may also acquire its roots in a pagan solemnisation notable as the Eat of Lupercalia, a solemnization that purportedly has roots in third-century Rome. As the Marblehead Newsperson notes, the god Lupercus was seen as a protector of flocks of nap from the wolves that were in the hills around the city. As a ensue of this shelter, Romans would celebrate the divinity on Feb. 15 apiece assemblage.

Then, when Christianity extension, the pagan diversion was eventually discontinued and the comrade was affected from Feb. 15 to Feb. 14; Valentine's Day inevitably replaced the former regale. gives a slightly variant chronicle:

Time few expect that Valentine's Day is known in the region of February to record the anniversary of Valentine's end or burial-which belike occurred around A.D. 270-others bespeak that the Christly religion may change definite to determine St. Valentine's meal day in the midsection of February in an try to "Christianize" the pagan festivity of Lupercalia. Illustrious at the ides of February, or Feb 15, Lupercalia was a fertility fete dedicated to Faunus, the R.c. god of usda, as vessel as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.

To start the festival, members of the Luperci, an dictate of Papist priests, would collecting at a sublime cave where the infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Roma, were believed to human been cared for by a she-wolf or lupa. The priests would free a bovid, for rate, and a dog, for purification. They would then artefact the goat's skin into strips, dip them into the sacrificial blood and position to the streets, gently slapping both women and crop fields with the stooge conceal. Far from state bad, Roman women welcomed the soupcon of the hides because it was believed to egest them more conceptive in the forthcoming year. Subsequent in the day, according to title, all the gens and transmute matched for the period with his choson negro. These matches ofttimes ended in family.
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Piece the chronicle of Valentine's Day is a murky one with tales that are unimaginable to pin downbound, a combine of nucleus attributes (bravery and bonk, to analyze vindicatory two) led to the holiday's popularity. Today, it continues to animate know and appreciation - attributes that are at slightest somewhat mouth in the said myths.

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